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Xamarin University Spring Fling

Obrázek: Kral Erik
Xamarin University Spring Fling
autor Kral Erik - Středa, 18. květen 2016, 23.19

Hi everybody,

We’re just one day away from kicking off our Xamarin University Spring Fling at Tomas Bata University in Zlín and are happy to say that we are really looking forward to meet all of you and develop mobile applications with Xamarin during our three-hour session!

As you may know, this is a worldwide event. In fact, there are 40 other Spring Fling events scheduled around the world!


In case you want to meet attendees from other countries and have a email address, you can request access to the official slack group. It is not necessary to join the group, but sometimes it can be fun/interesting to meet other Xamarin developers 

By the way, I have created a OneDrive shared folder In a couple of hours or so, I will upload a Xamarin Installation Guide pdf file just in case you want to install the software in your laptop before attending the event (in the mean the official guide). If you can't install the software or bring your laptop, don't worry. We can give you access to Azure Virtual Machines with the tools already installed and ready to be used by you during the event   (it's a bit slow because the emulator -a virtual machine- will run on another virtual machine, but... it works!). The recommended way is to install Xamarin on your laptop.

Finally, if you know any other people interested in attending the event, you can share the registration link with them. Online streaming of the event may be possible (depending on network conditions) on our channel.

If you have any questions regarding the event or about Xamarin, you can reach me at

Have a nice day, and see you in two days! I cannot wait to meet you all!